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Wednesday 19 October 2022

Thursday 20 October 2022


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Démo AI

Solution GED

Visit SAV - 19.10

Scanning & printroom - 19.10


AIRxTOUCH - 19.10

Prevent cyber attacks and detect malicious activity

AIRxTOUCH - 20.10

Chambre des métiers

Scanning & printroom - 20.10

Visit SAV - 20.10

IT Share Management

Conférence finale

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AIRxTOUCH: Digital signage as a driver of social bonding in business: engage your employees and customers!

20 October 202209:30-10:30 - Conference room 3

Language of the conference: FR

    • HR/communication: Why is it important to communicate to employees and customers with screens installed in strategic places in the company?
    • Discover AIR TOUCH® technology with its contactless screen + SKA 8 software solution
  • Participate in the USE CASE: ARENDT / Installation of 30 interactive contactless screens in Coffee corners and customer reception area.


Olivier Raulot (Founder & CEO iNUI Studio)

Accompagné par Claudio Bocci - Audiovsiuel Supervisor - CK

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Chambre des métiers: A true digital transformation of our printing and document management processes

20 October 202211:00-12:00 - Salle de conférence 3

Language of the conference: FR

Discover how the digital transition of internal processes has allowed the Chambre des Metiers to save considerable time and increase productivity. With CK, the Chambre des Métiers has found a unique partner to meet all its needs: audit, solutions, office printing, professional printing, postprint, mail management and preparation... A fascinating success story!


Jean-Marc Graff (Professional Printing Pre-Sales Consultant - CK)

& Patrick Berchem (Conseiller de direction chez Chambre des Métiers)

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Exclusive visit of our scanning & printroom service

20 October 202211:00-12:00 - Atelier Scanning

Language of the conference: FR

For the first time, CK opens the doors of its production workshops.

Come and discover how our customers' document projects are carried out, demonstrated through examples of document workflows.

A unique opportunity to discover our services and identify outsourcing opportunities for your company.


Philippe Schweitzer

Advisory & Document / Managed Services - Manager

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We take you behind the scenes of the CK after-sales service

20 October 202214:00-15:00 - Service technique

Language of the conference: FR

The years go by and our technical service is still the number one in our field in Luxembourg.

Years go by and our technical service is still the number one in our field in Luxembourg. Today, you have the opportunity to visit our premises as you have never seen them before. From our local stock of 600m², through our workshop to our delivery area, come and discover the life cycle of a machine at CK. 1 hour to understand the importance and essential role of our after sales service in our organization.


François Petitpas, Jordan Massaro, Jérome Mathieu, Nicolas De Jesus

Coordinators SAV

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PME et délégation de la gestion de votre IT, est-ce possible ?

20 October 202214:00-15:00 - Salle de conférence 3

Language of the conference: FR

IT changes are fast and permanent: cybersecurity, Cloud, S/P/I/PC-aaS, antivirus, ransomware, O365, firewall, virtualization, ... So many words that may not tell you much! IT has evolved over the last few years and this is accelerating, technological changes are becoming faster and more complex.

Moreover, it's not always interesting for an SME to have the necessary resources to monitor these changes, adapt the infrastructure, protect its systems, make the right choices, ... while respecting its budget!

If you are familiar with this situation, this conference is for you.


David Gray (Partner General Manager - CK)

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Final conference

20 October 202217:00-18:00 -

Language of the conference: FR

Info to come very soon...



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