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Wed. 18 October 2023

Thursday 19 October 2023


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Digital pollution

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LED display Samsung

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Visit SAV - 20.10

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Digital pollution: Opportunity or Fatality

18 October 202309:00-09:45 - Conference room 3

Language of the conference: FR

ADSL will soon be 25 years old, and it's a bit like the starting point, with its first unlimited high-speed Internet access packages. After that, everything followed in rapid succession, as technological advances made it possible to be connected all the time, on several devices simultaneously. As a result, the means of transmission and infrastructure have increased considerably, and the volume of data exchanged has exploded... Have you ever wondered what impact our digital world is having on our planet: all the things that have had to be built, all the raw materials that have been and will be needed, the gigantic amount of energy that has had to be and will have to be produced to use and continue using digital technology? How can we reduce our digital footprint without sacrificing connectivity? What are the sustainable alternatives for shaping a greener digital future? Together, let's try to answer these questions and explore how we can balance digital technology and respect for the environment.


Frédéric Bonnel

Head of IT

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Responsible Innovation – Discover CK’s ‘Refresh’ offer and its new sustainable development policy

18 October 202310:00-10:45 - Conference room 3

Language of the conference: FR

In a world where efficiency meets environmental responsibility, CK presents an innovative vision. Immerse yourself in the world of our 'Refresh' offer, a new step towards more responsible technologies. Discover how CK integrates technology with environmental awareness by transforming previously used devices into rethought, refurbished objects. We'll explore in depth the meticulous reconditioning process that drives this transformation.


Damien Georges

Executive Officer - Services

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Visit: We take you behind the scenes of CK’s after-sales service.

18 October 202311:30-12:30 - Meeting point: showroom

Language of the conference: FR

1 hour to understand the importance and essential role of our after-sales service in our organization. The years go by and our technical service is still the number 1 performer in our field in Luxembourg. Today, you have the opportunity to visit our premises as you've never seen them before. From our local 600m² warehouse, through our workshop to our delivery area, come and discover the life cycle of a machine at CK.


François Petitpas, Jordan Massaro, Jérome Mathieu, Nicolas De Jesus

Coordinators SAV

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Exclusive tour of our scanning & printroom

18 October 202314:00-15:00 - Meeting point: showroom

Languages of the conference: FR / EN

Exclusive tour of our scanning & printing workshops (document processing services). For the first time, CK opens the doors of its production workshops. Come and discover how our customers' document projects are carried out, illustrated by examples of document workflows. A unique opportunity to discover our services and identify outsourcing opportunities for your company.


Philippe Schweitzer

Advisory & Document / Managed Services - Manager

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Demo: 30min to reinvent audio conferencing in your meeting room

18 October 202315:00-15:30 - Room 6

Language of the conference: FR

Discover the future of audio conferencing in a 30min demo with an exceptional installation! Looking for the perfect solution to equip your large meeting rooms and collaborative spaces? We've got the solution.


Ludovic DeCartier

Audiovisual Project Analyst

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Ready for the ultimate in LED display innovation?

18 October 202314:30-15:00 - Tent in front of the showroom

Language of the conference: FR

Discover Samsung's Micro-led display, The Wall. An exceptional technology, "The Wall" is a real innovation in interior display - a modular screen based on MicroLED technology, custom-designed and developed according to your own desires. It adapts perfectly to your living space, whatever your environment, and forms an extension of your interior. With its striking images, The Wall for luxury living offers an unrivalled experience.  


Carlotta Galizio & Bart Van Sinay

Key Account Manager Display B2B
B2B Channel Sales

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Demo : The art of professional printing – Explore the Konica Minolta range

18 October 202315:30-16:00 - Showroom Professional Printing

Language of the conference: FR

In a world where visual impact is essential, professional printing is of crucial importance. This presentation offers you the unique opportunity to discover how Konica Minolta, a true pioneer in the field, has redefined the standards of printing by combining cutting-edge technology with boundless creativity. Join us as we explore the revolutionary advances offered by Konica Minolta's Professional Printing range.


Jean-Marc Graff

Professional Printing Pre-sales Consultant

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How has videoconferencing become an indispensable means of business communication?

18 October 202316:15-17:00 - Conference room 3

Language of the conference: FR

Videoconferencing has become an essential business tool, eliminating geographical, logistical and time constraints. What are the most popular videoconferencing solutions on the market? What are their advantages? And what do they bring to the workplace?


Claudio Bocci

Audiovisual Supervisor

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